Content. Transparency. Ownership.

Hymm is content publishing platform that makes sharing and monetizing content and data smarter, better and faster.


Hymm will be the new chapter and evolution of the existing platform, Honest was launched in November 2018 and over the past year, the Honest Cash community grew to over 3,500 users. We want to make sure our existing users are happy and we want to continuously add value to their experience while onboarding new users along the way. Our main goal is to create a transparent platform where users that generate data or content online can earn a profit in the form of digital currency that can then be sold and exchanged. Learn more about Hymm below. 👇

Our Approach


Create a trusted and engaged content publishing platform.


Provide transparency and auditability of monetization and advertising through blockchain.


Incentivize and empower users to curate quality content by supporting the content creator.


Enable content creators multiple options to earn an income.


Enable businesses a more direct way of connecting with consumers.

Content Creators

The platform allows tipping content in multiple cryptocurrencies and selling premium content behind paywalls and subscription-based content. Creators also receive Hymm Tokens by creating highly-engaging content, opting-in for display of advertisements on the content. They also have the option to sell their earned Hymm Tokens to online businesses and selling premium content behind paywalls and subscription-based content.


Consumers receive Hymm Tokens by adding value to the content and curating it (upvoting, commenting, and sharing), opting-in for viewing advertisements and providing their profile data for personalised targeting of the ads. They also have the option to sell their earned Hymm Tokens to online businesses.


Businesses get access to the cryptocurrency community and can engage with this audience more directly. Businesses need the Hymm Token to be able to display advertisements.

How does everyone benefit?

The Hymm platform gives users choice and control on how they want to monetize their content and data online.

And much more


The Hymm platform gives users choice and control on how they want to monetize their content and data online. Users have control over his or her data trail, how it is used and how to profit from it. 


Hymm incorporates blockchain technology so all transactions are secure.


Where we're going: Our first few milestones.

Milestone 1

- Complete migration to a new technology stack 

- Complete beta version and become production-ready platform

- Rebrand

Milestone 2

- Include analytics for content creators

- Include analytics for general user data points

- Develop a model for token income for content creators based on advertisement views

Milestone 3

- Allow content creators to choose monetization methods: paywall and advertisements

- Launch the onboarding process of the first five advertisers

Token sale

If you're interested in advertising on the platform, you can purchase the token early and receive a discount by signing up here. When you sign up, you’ll get the latest announcements and updates on the token sale to your inbox. You’ll also receive information on advertising on the platform.

What advertisers need to know:

- The current user base is particularly specialized and/or interested in cryptocurrencies, economics and finance.
- In the beginning stages, we’ll only allow a few advertisers to run campaigns and will strongly promote the first ones in a pilot project.
- The first stages of the sale will be considerably discounted.

What is the token for?
The token is intended for businesses that would like to advertise on the Honest platform (after rebranding). The tokens will be required in order to advertise on the platform. We will also initiate advertising pilot projects with the biggest token holders. 

How many tokens will be sold?
There will be a maximum of 14,000,000 tokens available for sale with the target price of 0.10 euro cents. The conversion rate lock-in will occur on the start date on January 6, 2020 (ET).

Where can I get information about the addresses?
The addresses for the sale will be announced ONLY on the website is this one: We will never inform you about the addresses in any other form (email, private message, Telegram, Twitter, blog posts). The only credible information can be found on here: 

When will the tokens become available to trade?
The purchased tokens will be sent to your SLP address on the first day after the sale closes. Transfers from non-whitelisted addresses will be sent back! 

What is the ticker for the token?
The ticker will be announced before the sale starts.

What technology will the token be based on?
The token will be based on Bitcoin Cash technology, Simple Ledger Protocol.

What will be the conversion rate for the cryptocurrencies?
The conversion rate will be locked in on January 6, 2020 (ET).

For more information, please refer to our whitepaper.


Businesses need to acquire the Hymm Token to be able to publish campaigns. They can target users that opt into advertisements on content that is chosen to be monetized by the creator.



Users are given the choice to exchange their data for Hymm Tokens and creators are rewarded with tokens for allowing the use of their content.

And more

Users also receive the Hymm Token for engaging with the content, for example by leaving comments and voting.